Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry

I’m glad you made your way to Wild Strawberry Gardens! You will find posts about gardening, cooking, remodeling and life. We live in Eastern Washington in USDA Plant Zone 6a (temperatures can supposedly dip to -10, burrr!) and around 22 inches of precipitation each year, mostly in the winter.

I cook mainly vegetarian food and was a vegetarian for over 7 years. Now I’ve added organic and all natural meat to the mix including elk, other wildgame and organic chicken.

My boyfriend and I purchased 40 acres about a year ago. The acreage contained a small 20′ x 24′ cabin with all the necessary amenities for living. We’re in the process of remodeling the cabin and hope to be done within another year. The cabin will be around 800 sqft when finished. We own Honegger Construction, LLC., here in the Inland Northwest so the BF has lots of remodeling experience to get the job done.

Currently, we rent a 550 sqft cabin on a secondary lake lot (it’s not actually on the water but we have access).

Note: I have added Amazon Affiliate links but only recommend products I actually like.


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