Thoughts on Biodiversity

Sweet Clover Sustainability

How do we promote sustaining the preservation of biodiversity? Why should we protect biodiversity?  If more people knew about the detrimental results of the decrease in biological diversity would it be protected? How do we protect biodiversity?

Lichen Diversity

We know that humans are primarily responsible for the decrease in biodiversity.  No I’m not making it up; it’s not some crazy propaganda. The six years I’ve spent in post-secondary education have taught me this and I’ve devoted my career to the preservation of biodiversity.

So why is it our responsibility to lead lives that don’t further the loss of biodiversity? You may ask why do we need to clean up after others.

I understand why you wouldn’t want to clean up after others but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to live as lightly and sustainability as possible.

We are all in it together, one earth, one atmosphere, one…

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