Wild Yeast Semolina Sourdough Starter – Getting Started

I starter some sourdough starter the other day. It’s pretty simple to make, just equal parts water and flour, let it sit in a warm spot until it starts to bubble (a week or so) and feed it again. It’s kinda like getting free yeast and getting very tasty results as a bonus.

Wild Yeast Semolina Sourdough Starter

Wild Yeast Semolina Sourdough Starter

The hard part is keeping it up. Last time I make some wild yeast sourdough starter, I eventually got busy lazy and stopped feeding it, so it got all watery and gross, then it went bad. Lucky for you, I don’t have any pictures of that.

Last time, I make some super tasty bread by adapting this super fantastic recipe and guide to my own liking.

Using the sourdough starter resulted in the bread with best crust I’ve ever made! I ate half of the loaf the day I made it (but that’s not super unusual). And I make bread pretty frequently, usually with 5 minute/overnight recipe. I also made some pretty tasty pancakes.

Super Tasty and Crusty Sourdough Bread!

Super Tasty and Crusty Sourdough Bread!

Then, there was that one time in college that I tried to make sourdough starter. I had some grape laying around from my parents and though that wild yeasties would make some fantastic bread. I forgot to take into account that the we didn’t keep the main part of the house heated (I was in college and poor). So I kept using the oven to warm it up. Anyway, long story short, I killed the poor yeasties before they had a chance to make anything tasty.

Here’s the recipe. And cheers to keeping it alive and well this time!

Wild Yeast Sourdough Starter Recipe

  • 4 oz (1/2 c) Water
  • 4 oz (3/4 c plus 2 T) Flour (Rye, White or Semolina is preferred)
    • I’ve heard rumors that whole wheat can make it taste bad
    • I used half semolina flour and half white flour

Let rest, lightly covered with cheese cloth for a week or so, until it starts to bubble. Feed the sourdough EVERYDAY with equal parts flour and water. If you’re using a 1 Qt mason jar, you shouldn’t need to remove any for the first feeding, but afterwards, remove around half of the mother and discard (or use) before you feed it again.

Once you get it started and all bubbly, you should only have to feed it once or twice a week.

Note: If it starts to smell funny or turn funny colors, please discard it all. It should smell sour, like sourdough but not funky. Be safe when trying to harvest wild yeast, you could get some nasties (probably bacteria) in there instead.

I’ll post an update when the yeasties are alive and well in the starter!


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