The Quickest and Easiest Homemade All-Natural, Organic Face Lotion

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With ingredients you can’t pronounce and questions ethics, most facial moisturizers out there are less than perfect.

A while back, I was doing the oil cleansing method and while I still do it now and then, I’m just too lazy. Sunflower Seed Oil was my go to oil and I still love the way it makes my face feel. Later on, I was using Yes To Cucumbers Face Lotion and happened to look at the ingredients list. Turns out, it’s pretty much just aloe vera and sweet almond oil. I though “Damn, I’m spending $15 for less than 2 oz of this stuff, I should just make my own!” So I did.

I decided to keep my recipe basic, mostly because I’m busy and don’t have the time mix ten ingredients together every week or so for my face. So my basic recipe is simple:

One Part Oil : Two Parts Aloe Vera

One Part Oil : Two Parts Aloe

One Part Oil : Two Parts Aloe

Of course this is easy to spice up a bit and tweak however you see fit for your face.

Instead of Almond Oil, I chose Sunflower Oil, even though I had both on hand. This is why:

  • High in Vitamin E
  • Won’t make you break out
  • High in Vitamin A and other vitamins

Almond Oil is great too and recommend using all Almond Oil or a mixture for those with dry skin.

Here’s the Basic Recipe

One Part Oil to Two

Note: It’s important to keep Sunflower Oil refrigerated, so I’d recommend keeping this face lotion in the fridge as well. 

A word on Aloe Vera:

I highly recommend using fresh aloe vera. Most of the bottled aloe vera out there has preservatives and many of these preservatives are irritants. I purchased a itsy bitsy teeny tiny aloe vera plant this spring and it’s gotten huge (you can see if it in the picture above)! I’ll have to bring it in this winter, but the $5 I spent on the plant has been totally worth it.

That being said, I always have a bottle of Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera on hand. It has a couple of preservatives but I find it so much purer than most Aloe Vera out there, especially the florescent green kind of my childhood.


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