About Me

  • I’m a big fan of plants!
  • I eat organic, whole foods but was formally a vegetarian
  • I garden organically.
  • I try to live sustainably, but there’s always more that can be done.
  • I’m training for a half-marathon
  • I’m a botanist/forester

I plan to cover Cooking, Gardening and all things Sustainable in this blog but I’ll let my thoughts lead the way.

I really like plants

I really like plants – Death Valley, CA 2013

My BF and I own Honegger Construction (Hawn – Egg – Er) together. He does the actual construction part and I help with the bookkeeping, marketing and technologically related thems.

I have a Master of Science degree in Natural Resource Sciences. My thesis was related to this plant in this area. My B.S. was in Biology.

I work full-time in Environmental Consulting. I’m a Botanist/GIS Analysit/Forester.

I now work for a Conservation Non-Profit! From Home! I’m pretty excited about it.

We have a home in NE Washington among the cedars and the pines. We’re currently remodeling and it’s taking us a long time (year and a half so far 3.5 years). We’re on schedule to be done in 2018. See my first post for more information.


My Natural Environment

My Natural Environment



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