Wear my Shoes and be a Hippie Too

How to Wear Shoes and Be a Hippie too

I just wanna do good. Be a good person, do good things and feel good about it.

Sure, I’m doing good things now. I recycle, try to reduce my consumption, drive less, buy and grow organic. But, there’s always more good to be done. I could work for a non-profit (believe me, I would if someone would hire me). I could purchase an electric vehicle (if only I could afford it). Even purchase a vehicle with better gas mileage – “but the extra space is so convenient and my current vehicle is paid off.”

In a conversation the other night with BF, we were talking about being fed up society and money. He mentioned that only Hippies have the guts to really get out of society. I exclaimed that we should be hippies! However, he shot back saying he needed his shoes, he needed his Keens, specifically. But that’s not at all what I meant when I said we should be hippies.

I want to wear my shoes and be a hippy too. 

(As a side note, my BF has the nickname Hippie, but it was because of his long hair and because he smoked lots of weed in his younger years. Only one of those things has changed.)

It’s taken me a little while to realize my views of hippies was pretty idealistic. I’ll blame Bellingham and Portland for that one. I never actually thought of hippies as dirty or freeloading. I’ve always thought of hippies as loving, caring, peace and conservation minded folk. Or maybe my view is more correct and I’ve been spending too much time around undereducated, Faux News watching, Walmart shopping sheep. That’s mean, sheep can be good people too.

Often, being good is inconvenient. It’s not the easiest thing to do and can be a burden. We are in this mess because convenience. It’s just easier to live life and not worry about anything else.

So how to do you be Hippie and still keep your shoes?

Just do the best that you can. I get a little be jaded and forget that every little bit counts. I say, keep the idealistic view and create a better world with that view.

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